We are a professional company supporting Japanese entertainment business' activities overseas.


Company Name: cool JAPAN inc.

Founded: July 19, 2007

Selection of Past Achievements (All in alphabetical order)

■ Overseas Tours and Rock Festivals (Agent services and other related)

BAND-MAID, BORN, D, Lycaon, Moi dix Mois, SCREW, Satsuki, SHIN, SuG, Suzuki Maria, the GazettE


■ Overseas Events (Coordination, planning, arrangement and other related)

Another Story, BAND-MAID, BANZAI JAPAN, Crack6, EPIC STAR, Fure Fure Danshi, Gacharic Spin, HAKUEI (From PENICILLIN), Litchi☆Hikari Club, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, notall, SCREW, SHIN, SINCREA, Sailor Moon, TERCERA TRAPs, THE SIXTH LIE, We=MUKASHIBANASHI, Yuigadokuson etc.

■ Overseas Festivals

Japan Expo(France), Japan Idol Summit(Vietnam), South by Southwest SXSW(USA), J-Pop SUMMIT FESTIVAL(USA), Anime Friends(Brazil), WACKEN OPEN AIR(Germany), KUBANA FES(Russia), J-FEST(Russia), Lucca Comics(Italy), Animethon(Canada) etc.

■ Overseas Show Promotion

(Overseas magazines, TV shows, radio shows, websites and other related promotion)

AAA, Amuro Namie, AN CAFE, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Anli Pollicino, BABYMETAL, Berryz Kobo, ℃-ute, DAIGO, Every Little Thing, girugamesh, Golden Bomber, Guild, Hamasaki Ayumi, heidi., hide, INORAN, Kimura Kaela, Kiryu, Koda Kumi, L'Arc~en~Ciel, LM.C, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, LUNA SEA, MAN WITH A MISSION, MIYAVI, Morning Musume., MUCC, Nightmare, Otsuka Ai, Piko, SCANDAL, SuG, the GazettE, Ueto Aya, ViViD, WaT, w-inds., X JAPAN, etc.

■ Overseas Festival Collaboration Event in Japan (Only one part introduced here)

"Tokyo Candoll"

Tokyo Candoll Official Site: http://www.tokyocandoll.com/

Tokyo Candoll-BOYS- Official Site: https://tokyocandoll-boys.themedia.jp/

Collaborating Overseas Event: Japan Expo

Country: France, Paris (Preliminary contest held in Japan)

Total amount of visitors: 7,000 persons (2015), 11,000 persons (2016)

Details: The only Official Japan Expo Collaboration Idol Event in Japan. A tournament-style live event is held in Japan, and the winner will be able to perform a headlining stage at Japan Expo's biggest live stage as "Japan Representative of Next Generation Idols". The winner will also be promised exposure on local French media and radio, as well as on web media all over Europe.

2015 Winner: Luce Twinkle Wink☆

2016 Winner: Yuigadokuson

2017 Winner: notall / BOYS Winner: EPIC STAR


2019 Winner: We=MUKASHIBANASHI / BOYS Winner: Fure Fure Danshi

"musicJAPANplus GIG" (MJP GIG)

Vol.1 Performers: D, Golden Bomber, LOST ASH, Mix Speaker's,Inc.

Vol.2 Performers: Guild, Kiryu, Kra, Lc5, vistlip

Vol.3 Performers: And, LM.C, PENICILLIN, SuG Opening Act: Anli Pollicino

Vol.4 Performers: BORN, LIFriends, +Plus, defspiral, †я i ¢к

Vol.5 Performers: Alice Nine, Golden Bomber (musicJAPANplus SPECIAL LIVE x World Cosplay Summit 2012)

Vol.6 Performers: AN CAFE, Anli Pollicino, Blu-BiLLioN, Guild, Kameleo, LEZARD, Liraizo, NoGoD

"Coco Radia"

#1 Performers: Girls Anthem, Visionary Cute GENE, 8princess, etc.

#2 Performers: clip clip, Idol Choho Kikan LEVEL7, Kyueen's, etc.

#3 Performers: CANDY GO!GO!, Chu-Z, Chubbiness, FES☆TIVE, Hiragi Rio, Namaham to Yakiudon, etc.

#4 Performers: clip clip, Ring-Trip, Under Beasty, etc.

#5 Performers: Enka girls lupinus class, FES☆TIVE, WA-Side, etc.

Tokyo Candoll digest movie (2016)

musicJAPANplus GIG digest movie

Business lineup

■Agent / Producer / Director Services

We provide services as an representative of Japanese companies, music agencies/labels for all types of concerts (one man concert, tours, event performances, etc.).

Foreign companies and event organizers interested in our services, please contact us from the form below.

■J-music catalog

We have prepared a catalog including a part of J-music artists we can coordinate. Foreign companies and organizers interested, please see the catalog below.

[Other services]

■Multilingual webzine aimed at an international audience "musicJAPANplus"

■Organization of Japanese music live event "musicJAPANplus GIG"

■Operating of international fan club sites for Japanese artists

■International website operating (Foreign language translation package)

■Planning, creating and selling of licensed and original merchandise

■Translation (Specializing in the entertainment and music industries)

■Online advertising

■Character licensing

■Development and production of original characters

■International consulting / International marketing

■Events/Entertainment sponsoring, production, planning, management

■Other related activities